…and I am BACK !!!!

Hey!!! Here is my first video for Kale Chips and Fat Hips!!! Enjoy more video to be uploaded weekly!!!

I Can Do Bad all By Myself

Happy Valentines Day EVERYbody!! Oh, boy, do I love Valentine’s Day …said like five people every. I remember enjoying this day when I was in grade school because everyone would get a card and candy in class. As the years passed by I found myself getting more and more jaded about this hallmark holiday. I…

San Jose Silicon Valley Pride !!!

Hey, EveryBODY! I am super excited to announce that I will be walking in the Sv PRIDE Sunday, August 28th at 10 am.  The parade starts at St.John and ends at Park Ave. I will be walking with MIX 106.5, so come out and say hey! For more information visit svpride.com

Some People Call me a Cheetah

Have you ever thought of something you wanted to do and then immediately after think of 50 billion reasons why you should not do it. This is something that I still do, but I work hard every day to change this. Through my journey of self-love I have learned to ignore those billion reasons and…

Welcome to Kale Chips & Fat Hips

Hello EveryBODY literally anyone that has a body is welcomed here… even animals. No, but really this is not just a blog for women and fat people. You may be taken aback by my use of the word fat, but this is a part of this movement. A movement in which we take ownership over…